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The construction of a complete blog, here goes nothing

put er thereWell, this blog is here for a number of reasons;

  • To publicize my business DS4 Design
  • To share what I find interesting
  • To share ideas and concepts that others my find helpful
  • To occasionally whine about injustice
  • To elucidate ideas
  • To sell my products
  • To share things I’m doing and maybe help other people do the same sort of thing I’m trying to do (in their own way)

Here are the next few things I want to ad here.

A button to link to my linked in profile already found how to do that here.

The feed link to my tumblr posts like here.

to integrate my Twitter feed (follow me freds4hb)

A button so you can buy me a beer (I like beer) here.

As well as monetize it with adsense and other ad revenue (need to learn all about my SEO things here too!)

Of course I use stumble upon, digg, and delicious for SEO type things (still learning there too). I can pretty much be found everywhere as fredshb, so give it a go!

I also want to be sure to have a template that works with all these things I fear my current template isn’t set up to handle a lot of this. We’l see. I’ll be checking myself with my own RSS reader (you DO use google reader right?!)

There’s much more I want to do, but that’s my first bit for starters.

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