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What’s to be confused about

aarrgh!!! Wordpress!!!So I’ve been working on getting all my “web 2.0” “social networking” schmutz together, and, well, I’m still a tad confused.

So apparently to make WordPress really work for you (read, unlock and host with more data) one must buy some credits (no biggie,, but I didn’t know). No wonder WordPress seems to do fairly well and seems rather professional (cause it really is!)

That would explain the limitations I’ve been fighting with loading simple things like feeds and ads into my site,, I wasn’t allowed (told you I’m not really a web guy!)

So yes, I’m a product designer (what, I didn’t mention that?)

So now I know, once I get some “credits” at wordpress I can pretty much do what I want (then I’ll need to buy more space at wordpress, or I need to host my wordpress site at my Go-Daddy hosting site). Whew!! There’s a lot to this stuff.

Then (after blogging and keeping everything updated, I’ll need to build a store to actually sell the things I’ve been making (we’re still on stealth mode there, but things are coming soon!)

Baby Steps people,, Baby steps,,,

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