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Dear Jeeple and Subarunians

jeeple and subaruniansSome people have noted,, cars can be fun (hint,, I’m one of them).

I love formula 1 (in a nearly inappropriate manner). Check out my buddies Brett and Corey over at Formulapod!

This year I attended the Jeepers Jamboree on possibly the most famous off road trail in the US (go ahead argue about it),, The Rubicon. Heck, I even won a $500 gift certificate there too! (and I didn’t even own the Jeep I was riding in!) Thanks Redneck Concepts!

I have friends that own Subarus as well.

These two cars are known for one thing, enjoyment of outdoor pursuits. These are the vehicles that people who live, work, and play outside love to use. Yet neither of these companies seem to have made much of an effort towards developing alternative fueled vehicles.

I can’t think of two companies that would benefit in terms of sales more than them. They have a dedicated outdoor constituent of people who would definitely be considered “green,” forward thinking, and environmentally concious. Yet they don’t seem to have vehicles that help this (though they are tending to be more efficient, they’re not in the hybrid or full electric game yet).

I’m just saying,, I’ll be in the market before too long, and I would love to get a high efficiency model from either comapny (especially after the jamboree,, jeep’n is a blast!).

That’s my bit for today, go out and have some outdoor fun!

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