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What tools do you use online (and off) on a daily basis to get stuff done.

its a wrench!This is one of those “Hey everybody, what are you using too” type posts, so please do comment!

As for me,, I use a lot of different software, mostly free, and when I’ve gotta pay for it,, I do. (plus I’ve been paying my podcasting bill lately too, more on that later).

Email, well, I’ve got a lot, (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and Godaddy)

Google Reader, (seriously, my feeds list is full like crazy, but I get a ton of info in my eyeholes every day).

Del.icio.us, ooh I do tend to tag a lot! Check out my helpful link RSS feed for DS4tool (its the main link set for DS4 design and a good place to start for business startup prototyping references.

Twitter,, (ok, so I stayed off Twitter for quite a while (I’m looking at you SXSW) but I finally caved, and, wow, it’s just fun).

Plaxo, my Palm Pilot died, (my 5th pilot since 1996, I miss my pilot, I’m waiting till the Centro comes to Verizon, till then, my life is a tiny void, Plaxo has most of my data that I was able to extract,,, I’m never going to get back my recipes though,, I still weep for that category on my palm pilot,,, I weep). Plaxo works great, and they keep improving it. I wish they’d incorporate a neat little simple CRM package (it’s the perfect place and they do such a great job,, however,,,).

ZohoCRM,, I’ve got it, but I’m trying to get around to using it more.

Siphs.com a great way to email your friends things you find.

Remember the Milk (someday, I’ll get around to getting the pro model (especially when I get around to getting a smartphone/blackberry of some sort (ok, an iphone would be cool, but in all likelihood it’ll be a Palm Centro once they come out on Verizon)).

Plaxo, it does a lot, saves all my old Palm data and keeps it current.

As for social networks,, I’m in a lot of them (I only actively use a few). but I can always be found getting things done in terms of Linked in, Myspace, Facebook, Cork’d,mmm,, that’s all the ones I pay attention to.

eFax, good free fax number, then if you want to send a fax,, eh,, it’s pretty cheap, and the darn thing works.

CamStudio of course (don’t worry, soon there’ll be a cast of sorts!) Same goes for Audacity.

OpenOffice,, its lotsa fun, and more affordable than,, well,, if you were to buy some office software made by that operating system company it would cost much more than free.

There’s a bunch more that I do use, but that’s a start!

So what are you using? (yes, I want you to actually leave me a comment,, PLEASE!!!)

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