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Monstrous failure of my upgrade to 2.3.2 back to wordpress.com for now

arrgh wordpressWell, I’ve been trying like crazy to get my wordpress 2.3.1 to upgrade to 2.3.2.

so far, I’ve only managed to:

Delete my entire blog at http://www.ds4design.com

fail at upgrade a total of 5 times

Gotten VERY frustrated with the crew at Go daddy who have managed to: attempt to help me with my install, then fail, the next call,, another customer service guy inform me that they’re not allowed to help me, and the assistance provided was unsanctioned.

I’m really considering leaving GoDaddy and going somewhere more wordpress friendly (one of their reccomended providers).

It is bizarre, GoDaddy hosts, and does a 1 button install of wordpress (2.3.1) but they offer zero assistance when it comes to wordpress 2.3.2 yet there are known issues with 2.3.1 and it isn’t good to have that anymore (it can be hacked).

Any hints here would be awesome. Till then,, its back to wordpress.com (should I tell feedburner?! I guess so!)

How about that, Patriots and Giants! Who’da thunk it!


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