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I haven’t made an Open Social connection,, will you still be my friend?

Ahh, yes,,,

oh,, hang on a sec, I’ve got to get my Google phone,,,

No,, wait,, that’s really not here, or there either.

Yes, two things I was kind of excited about from the start, have fallen quickly into the Ho-hum category.

It’s rather sad is it not.

Open Social, does look good, with it’s shiny new name (thanks Social Graph!)

It does look like it will be doing us some good in the coming future. I’m betting four months from now, I’ll look up and be thankful that it’s all connected now. Right now,, I’m not so connected,, you know,, socially, (hint,, subscribe to my RSS).

Will I (and everyone else you know) have connected that which we’ve had, (Friendster), that which we’ve paid (linkedin), that which we play (Myspace) and that which we,,, think we’re coding a world beating app for (Salesforce/Facebook) along with that which we use to refer to our own data (Plaxo/RTM).

Or,,, will Open Social just end up as a beautiful pipe dream,, like the Spruce Goose, or dating 2 supermodels and having our wives be ok with it. Gosh,, it would be cool if it really opens it all up correctly.

One thing I will say,, it’s one hell of a shot, wherever we all end up.

Oh yeah,, I’m still seething about getting a really good, and smart phone. Months ago, my palm pilot died, after the cryin, weeping, then,, thankful realization that most of the data was still backed up on my hard drive and easy to drag to Plaxo, I dreamt of a magical device that’d do all that I’ve been hoping cough! (iPhone)

Sadly, I was quickly priced out of the game, won’t (can’t) switch from Verizon and thus can’t get a Centro, thus I await a Google phone answer, that apparently just fits in any old phone (that I’ll still have to pay full rates to surf from).

Hmmm, seems like I’m right back where I was (along with you). We’ll see where we are in a few months. Till then, I guess I’m still tied to a desk somewhere.


Some great new tools I’ve been playing with (Mint.com, Tagmindr-Del.icio.us)

minttagmindrSo as usual I love to try out new services. Thanks to the folks at Mashable (you guys rock!) and Lifehacker I’ve found some new great tools.

Mint is a money management site (it’s brand new, don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard of it).

It sounds scary at first: give us all your logins to all your money based places and then we’ll keep it all current and suggest ways to save money and show you reports of what you’ve been doing. Yes, they do have access to your stuff, the thing to know is that these guys are funded and backed by banks who have a vested interest in NOT losing your money (whew!) The really great thing about this is that it really helps you see where your money is and what it is doing in real time. If you’re like me you’ve got cards and banks spread in a few places and would like to organize what’s going on with them. Its a really great tool and I highly recommend it if you’re comfy working with your money online. The real trick on money online, is don’t give out your passwords, and keep them in a secure place, don’t use public computers, and if someone just calls and asks for your login,, DON’T give it to them! Be safe people!

Second, Tagmindr I’ve been asking for a service like this for quite some time. It’s not even a service really, it’s simply a tag added to your del.icio.us account that will publish to your specific feed at a time you deem necessary. Combine this ability to remind yourself to check a website, with Siphs.com and now you have a way to remind yourself of a website and send it to yourself and others by

1.Reminding yourself of it

2. click on the link

3.Go to the site

4.Send it to whoever needed it at that time.

Just think, you want to remind your mom to check out a website to pick out a perfect gift for your sister (like ya do) and there you have it! Simple reminders (all from free services mind you). What a great little trick!

What tools do you use online (and off) on a daily basis to get stuff done.

its a wrench!This is one of those “Hey everybody, what are you using too” type posts, so please do comment!

As for me,, I use a lot of different software, mostly free, and when I’ve gotta pay for it,, I do. (plus I’ve been paying my podcasting bill lately too, more on that later).

Email, well, I’ve got a lot, (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and Godaddy)

Google Reader, (seriously, my feeds list is full like crazy, but I get a ton of info in my eyeholes every day).

Del.icio.us, ooh I do tend to tag a lot! Check out my helpful link RSS feed for DS4tool (its the main link set for DS4 design and a good place to start for business startup prototyping references.

Twitter,, (ok, so I stayed off Twitter for quite a while (I’m looking at you SXSW) but I finally caved, and, wow, it’s just fun).

Plaxo, my Palm Pilot died, (my 5th pilot since 1996, I miss my pilot, I’m waiting till the Centro comes to Verizon, till then, my life is a tiny void, Plaxo has most of my data that I was able to extract,,, I’m never going to get back my recipes though,, I still weep for that category on my palm pilot,,, I weep). Plaxo works great, and they keep improving it. I wish they’d incorporate a neat little simple CRM package (it’s the perfect place and they do such a great job,, however,,,).

ZohoCRM,, I’ve got it, but I’m trying to get around to using it more.

Siphs.com a great way to email your friends things you find.

Remember the Milk (someday, I’ll get around to getting the pro model (especially when I get around to getting a smartphone/blackberry of some sort (ok, an iphone would be cool, but in all likelihood it’ll be a Palm Centro once they come out on Verizon)).

Plaxo, it does a lot, saves all my old Palm data and keeps it current.

As for social networks,, I’m in a lot of them (I only actively use a few). but I can always be found getting things done in terms of Linked in, Myspace, Facebook, Cork’d,mmm,, that’s all the ones I pay attention to.

eFax, good free fax number, then if you want to send a fax,, eh,, it’s pretty cheap, and the darn thing works.

CamStudio of course (don’t worry, soon there’ll be a cast of sorts!) Same goes for Audacity.

OpenOffice,, its lotsa fun, and more affordable than,, well,, if you were to buy some office software made by that operating system company it would cost much more than free.

There’s a bunch more that I do use, but that’s a start!

So what are you using? (yes, I want you to actually leave me a comment,, PLEASE!!!)