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Some great new tools I’ve been playing with (Mint.com, Tagmindr-Del.icio.us)

minttagmindrSo as usual I love to try out new services. Thanks to the folks at Mashable (you guys rock!) and Lifehacker I’ve found some new great tools.

Mint is a money management site (it’s brand new, don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard of it).

It sounds scary at first: give us all your logins to all your money based places and then we’ll keep it all current and suggest ways to save money and show you reports of what you’ve been doing. Yes, they do have access to your stuff, the thing to know is that these guys are funded and backed by banks who have a vested interest in NOT losing your money (whew!) The really great thing about this is that it really helps you see where your money is and what it is doing in real time. If you’re like me you’ve got cards and banks spread in a few places and would like to organize what’s going on with them. Its a really great tool and I highly recommend it if you’re comfy working with your money online. The real trick on money online, is don’t give out your passwords, and keep them in a secure place, don’t use public computers, and if someone just calls and asks for your login,, DON’T give it to them! Be safe people!

Second, Tagmindr I’ve been asking for a service like this for quite some time. It’s not even a service really, it’s simply a tag added to your del.icio.us account that will publish to your specific feed at a time you deem necessary. Combine this ability to remind yourself to check a website, with Siphs.com and now you have a way to remind yourself of a website and send it to yourself and others by

1.Reminding yourself of it

2. click on the link

3.Go to the site

4.Send it to whoever needed it at that time.

Just think, you want to remind your mom to check out a website to pick out a perfect gift for your sister (like ya do) and there you have it! Simple reminders (all from free services mind you). What a great little trick!