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dot org, dot com,, sometimes it costs ya 30 bucks to learn the difference

wpSo I’ve been trying to get this whole blogging thing to work. I’ve used blogger,, wasn’t too enthralled. So I came over to the WordPress side. There are actually two sides to it (yes, I performed a perfect ‘dingus’ and managed to make a sweet move,, not).

The difference in WordPress is that there is .org, and there is .com. I’ve been using dot com. A great service, I really like it.

Where I’m a moron (I’m sure you were wondering) was that WordPress.com (that I was using) does not allow any plugins outside of those that it already has hosted in it’s system.

“But wait!” you say,, There are all those plugins and themes for WordPress, don’t they work there?! Short answer, yes, long answer, the war of 1812 was fought with Canada, but that’s neither here nor there.

WordPress plugins (the ones where you CAN make money, and do neato stuff) are only available with your own hosting (I use GoDaddy) and downloading WordPress (the blogging software that needs hosting) from WordPress.org (note .org, not .com!)

I mistakenly bought the 15$ (it coulda been worse!)

Now (ok, I can be a bit of a slow learner,, stop throwing lit matches at me) I know that to use all the wordpress plugins with impunity (well, ok, they have be on the web. To do that, you have to use the WordPress.org download, then get it hosted somewhere (Godaddy), then you can use any of the fancy plugins and do whatever you want.

To Recap

WordPress.com=> You can write whatever you want, post whatever you want, and do lots of links, but as for monetizing it,, not so much.

WordPress.org=> Download it, host it, go nuts!! This is the way to do the whole “online business/blog” type thing (yeah, we’ll see how this all goes). So far, it goes slowly.

Next up, going through the 30daychallenge again with that wacky Ed Dale (Dan Raine too!). He puts the netmar in Internet Marketing!

I bet you can’t wait till I start podcasting too!! (ugh, I’ll probably just talk about Formula 1 all day).